Workplace Identity and Reputation Disconnect in the Office


Work People

Many employees have assess themselves differently than do their coworkers.

Hogan Assessment Systems, an online personality test and consulting system recently conducted a test on workplace identity and reputation. The issue lies in that many employees are not aware of the disparity between how others view them in their work lives and how they view themselves in their personal lives. The study shows four keys insights based on the survey takers results.  You can read more details about the findings in this HR.BLR article.

The impact of low self-awareness is a major insight from the study that showed many individuals rating themselves higher than their colleagues would have. Many individuals see themselves as being better in various different ways than what their colleagues perceive. This is an issue that can hinder an employee from moving up in the workplace.

Participants were asked about their “work self” vs. their “home self” coming to a close 59% of which who said they were the same in both environments. This is understandable of course because your personality will translate into the work environment. However, the 41% that state otherwise are more likely to be aware of their personalities in the workplace due to their high awareness if general.

Another key component of the study was dark-side personality. This is when the individual becomes too comfortable in their work environment and allows their “bad” habits to seep through. This can negatively affect key advancement opportunities. Finally, the impact of the individuals’ reputation has a key influence on their careers. If the individual does not have a good understanding on what their reputation is, they are less likely to be successful. Those who are highly aware of what others think about them are more likely to succeed then those who don’t know or are under the wrong opinion. The key is to act in a respectful manner at all times and to consistently be professional. Also, being humble never hurts when in a competitive environment.