Non-traditional Ways Your HR Department Can Help

HR Department

HR can be a great resource for fitting in at work and advancing your career.

Many times misconceptions make up a lot of what people think about their company’s HR department.  People often believe that the HR department is the ultimate “company man.”  Employees may feel that the HR department only has their best interests at heart when they coincide with those of the company.  While one of Human Resources’ goals is to protect the company, they are also their to help their employees.

Amy Levin-Epstein from CBS Money Watch recently wrote an article detailing “4 Ways HR Can Help” which has a lot of good advice.  One of the topics it hits is how HR can help if you have recently relocated for work.  Even when a great opportunity presents itself, prospective employees can be hesitant to uproot their lives and move, especially those with families.  The Money Watch article reminds you that your HR department may be willing to help your spouse get a job in a new city.  HR professionals are some of the most well connected in the business world.  Chances are they know of other companies that are hiring or are close with recruiters looking to fill a position.

Another great bit of advice for those relocating for work, or even starting a new job locally, is to make sure and ask HR what activities the company sponsors outside of the work place.  They will often know what kind of cultural groups, weekend excursions, or club sports leagues are sponsored by the company or just frequented by employees.  Joining these types of groups will not only make work more enjoyable by allowing to connect with your coworkers outside of the cubicle, it will also help you network by meeting people who you do not necessarily interact with during a regular work day.

For more advice, check out the entire article.  If you take one thing from this recap, it’s that you shouldn’t think of HR as the enemy, but rather as a great resource for improving your work life.