Why We Should Give Generation Y A Chance When Hiring

We’ve heard the complaints about millennials being immature and lazy, but according to Entrepreneur.com the members of Generation Y might be the best potential hires. In the workplace, recent graduates in their 20s are believed to be entitled. In this economy, If they are lucky enough not to move back in with their parents right […]

Small Businesses, Start-ups and Hiring in America

With jobs being difficult to come by these days, The Washington Post wrote an article about job creation in America; they asked which type of business actually created the most jobs in our current marketplace. The argument is that usually start-ups, small businesses, and large corporations create jobs in the private sector and that each […]

Workplace Identity and Reputation Disconnect in the Office

  Hogan Assessment Systems, an online personality test and consulting system recently conducted a test on workplace identity and reputation. The issue lies in that many employees are not aware of the disparity between how others view them in their work lives and how they view themselves in their personal lives. The study shows four […]

No E-Verify System with Government Shut Down

  With the government shut down still not totally resolved, many resources that were once available for businesses to utilize in their various departments are on hold. One specific resource that is affecting a large breadth of companies is the E-verify system. E-verify is a database provided by the government that allows employer’s to check […]

Non-traditional Ways Your HR Department Can Help

Many times misconceptions make up a lot of what people think about their company’s HR department.  People often believe that the HR department is the ultimate “company man.”  Employees may feel that the HR department only has their best interests at heart when they coincide with those of the company.  While one of Human Resources’ […]

Does Social Media Help or Hurt in Hiring Process?

It seems that since the dawn of the social media age, job seekers have been asking the same question: is my social media presence helping or hurting me?  A recent article on Alabama Business discusses a recent survey on the topic and presents two interesting and opposing viewpoints. The article relays the findings of a […]

Advice for Managers of Remote Employees

Telecommuting to work has become a hot button issue over the last few months.  With Yahoo CEO Marissa recently requiring Yahoo employees who had previously been working from home to come into the office, the advantages and disadvantages of working remotely have been debated to no end. A recent Bloomberg BNA article chooses to focus […]

How Temp Jobs Can Help You in the Long Term

Ever wonder whether or not temporary jobs will help you advance your career?  In a recent article I read it speaks to the benefits of being a part-time or temp worker at a company, and how it can actually help you look better when you’re applying for full time positions.  I’ve compiled some of the best […]

Jobless Claims Are Getting Better but Still High

In a recent article on CNBC it was reported that claims for unemployment benefits dropped over twenty-three thousand to an adjusted rate of around 340 thousand.  Any number below 350,000 is considered to indicate a firming job market according to the U.S. Labor Department.  This is a good indication that employers are not laying off workers […]